Friday, July 21, 2017

I'm a nature tourism analyst

Post her here just because Margot Kidder's Lois Lane
 is a cool investigative journalist...
It occurred to me just now that I didn't market myself properly. I mostly market myself as a whale and dolphin researcher (leaving out the dugongs just because I'm not an Sirenian expert). However, I am also a marine tourism analyst. I have not only analysed dolphin tourism in Asia, but I have also analysed coral reef tourism in Bali and am currently analysing sharks and rays tourism in Indonesia (for Wildlife Conservation Society).

That means that I work with any marine animals, not just the dolphins or whales. Bring on those sharks, rays, sea turtles and penguins to me (if any).

Now it occurred to me, that I should not restrict myself to marine. As long as we talk about nature and sustainability, I feel comfortable in it.

Hence, I'd like to label myself as a nature tourism analyst. I'm interested in analysing the human dimension part of nature tourism (particularly wildlife tourism), be it in a marine or terrestrial setting. So, no more just limiting myself to marine setting; bring on those elephants and giraffes. Heck, I'd love to analyse some Himalayan nature tourism cases one day!

Oh, and although I am more interested in developing country settings, I'm also open to analyse any cases in developed countries as well.

And I'm always reachable through putuliza at gmail dot com.

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