Friday, July 14, 2017

Updates about the first semester of 2017

Apologies for the sloppy updating...

The first semester of 2017 was filled with writings... proposals and papers... and also giving some guest lectures to two subjects at James Cook University. My NGO (Cetacean Sirenian Indonesia) have lodged some proposals, yet no traction yet - but we won't give up!

I have submitted a book chapter with Ms Naneng Setiasih and Associate Prof. Riccardo Welters about tourist experience and economic benefits of dolphin watching in Lovina, updating my PhD work. The chapter will be included in a book about coral reef tourism, edited by Dr Anja Pabel and Prof Bruce Prideaux of Queensland University of Technology in Cairns Australia. Hopefully the book will be published before 2017 ends.

Meanwhile, I've also been hired by Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia Programme to do a study on the benefits of sharks and rays tourism to conserve sharks and rays. The project started in May and will finish this August. I will keep update this blog on the results.

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