Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Indonesia whale stranding website is up and running!

It's been quite a while, but the Indonesia whale stranding website is finally up and running! Below is the URL:

It also has the Facebook page here! Please like us there!

Special thanks to Stefan Baier and Wong Ee Phin from Malaysia for the pro-bono hard work for the website (well, Stefan is from German actually, but he's now very comfy in KL). Another special gratitude is for Yanti S. Purnomo for data entry so far, and for all who have contributed to the data that makes up the whole website.

We still have some tidbits to do for the website, but at least now we can access the data on our finger tips. 

Another important info: the website is being developed by Marine Mammals Indonesia and WildandScience. We own the domain and framework of the website. However, the Indonesian government has expressed interest in using the website for future management of stranded cetaceans in the country. We are happy about it; we develop the website for the people of Indonesia, the citizens of Earth in general, and also the cetaceans, in the hope of helping the latter. It's more like we share it freely (with acknowledgement please) for the benefit of common good. It is likely that the government will link their marine website to this stranding website.

Enjoy! (or rather, be prepared to feel sad for the cetaceans, for they do have a knack of stranding on the Archipelago!)

Update 10 July 2015:

We are conducting a face-lift to the old interface of A new site with the same name is hopefully online in a week. 

On the matter of using the data, here's the Disclaimer section that we shall put in the new website interface. Thank you for your understanding.

Stranding data is collected and verified by volunteers and scientists on site, supported by a network of supporters across the globe. We expose a portion of the data for free online and we generally encourage non-commercial use of the data.
If the data is to be used for meetings, in particular government-related meetings, you are welcome to use the data without our written permission, as long as the source ("Whale Stranding Indonesia") is acknowledged. If the data is to be used for papers (including peer-reviewed journals), thesis, and the like, you need our prior written permission. Please contact us or drop us a message atFacebook for permission to use the data BEFORE the data is used. 

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